Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Post Graduate Diploma in Management-International Business (PGDM-IB) & Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Information Technology & MArketing (IT & Mkt) are courses, which provides the students an insight into not only the corporate world but also help them augment their careers in the required field. The courses have been planned in a way to provide maximum job prospects for the students as well as training facilities. The courses endow students with an outstanding international environment for the scholars to enjoy small classes, allowing very high quality interaction between the student and the faculty.

PGDM is affiliated through and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Whereas, the MBA provided by the university is recognized by U.P Technical University, Lucknow.

PGDM is a two-year postgraduate course, designed to integrate current management theory and practice. The program is designed to provide management postgraduates with inputs in the functional area of Marketing, Finance, Economics, Personal Management and Human Resources Management. Teaching methodology includes industry projects, classroom discussions, case studies, dissertations etc.




Semester- First

S.NO Course Subject
1 PGDM-101 Principles of Management
2 PGDM-102 Organization Behavior
3 PGDM-103 Business Law
4 PGDM-104 Accounting for Management
5 PGDM-105 Quantitative Techniques
6 PGDM-106 Managerial Economics
7 PGDM-107 Computers & Basic Applications
8 PGDM-108 Communication for Management
Semester- Second    
S.NO Course Subject
1 PGDM-201 Marketing Management
2 PGDM-202 Production and Operations Management
3 PGDM-203 Human Resource Management
4 PGDM-204 Operations Research
5 PGDM-205 Economic Environment of Business
6 PGDM-206 Business Research Methods
7 PGDM-207 Financial Management
8 PGDM-207 IT for Business
Semester- Third Compulsory Papers – 4  
S.NO Course Subject
1 PGDM-301 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Management
2 PGDM-302 Supply Chain Management
3 PGDM-303 International Business & Management
4 PGDM-304 E-Business
Specialization: Group 1A Finance  
S.NO Course Subject
5 PGDM — FM1 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
6 PGDM – FM2 International Financial Management
  Group 2A Human Resource Management  
S.NO Course Subject
7 PGDM — HR1 Strategic HRM
8 PGDM – HR2 Industrial Relation
  Group 3A Marketing Management  
S.NO Course Subject
9 PGDM — MK1 Consumer Behavior & Advertising Management
10 PGDM – MK2 Service Marketing
  Group 4A Information Technology  
S.NO Course Subject
11 PGDM — IT1 Data Base Management System
12 PGDM – IT2 System Analysis & Design & Software Engg.
Semester-Fourth Compulsory Papers – 4  
S.NO Course Subject
1 PGDM-401 Business Policy & Strategic Management
2 PGDM-402 Knowledge Management
3 PGDM-403 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
4 PGDM-404 Project Report
Specialization: Continues from Third Semester  
  Group 1B Finance  
S.NO Course Subject
5 PGDM – FM3 Management of Financial Institutions & Service
6 PGDM – FM4 Corporate Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis
  Group 2B Human Resource Management  
S.NO Course Subject
7 PGDM – HR3 Labour Legislation  in India
8 PGDM – HR4 Human Resource Development
  Group 3B Marketing Management  
S.NO Course Subject
9 PGDM – MK3 Sales and Distribution Management
10 PGDM – MK4 Retail & Mall Management
  Group 4B Information Technology  
S.NO Course Subject
11 PGDM – IT3 Data Communication & Network
12 PGDM – IT4 Internet & Visual Basic


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