Introduction About JP Institute Management

The JP Institute of Management is located in the vicinity of Delhi, at a mere distance of about 70 KM, at MEERUT, the historical city from where the first War of India’s Independence was initiated in 1857. The city of Meerut forms the part of NCR (National Capital Region) so it gets all the advantages of being connected to the National Capital. JPIM being in the City of Meerut will also have all such territorial and other advantages in respect of all Industrial, Economic, trade, import and export policies framed at Delhi. Besides this, the barons of Industry meet and discuss futuristic policies in Delhi. Locating JPIM at Meerut thus will have added advantages of on the job training and exposure of students to real life scenario

The campus of JPIM is set in natural environs where God’s Grandeur is palpable through meticulously landscaped campus which boasts of rare trees and flowers providing inner peace and calm atmosphere apt for the studies. A pollution free campus adds to the conduciveness of academic ethos. The infrastructure is second to none and competes favorably with world class B-schools. The Institute does not confine its students to mere bookish knowledge within the four walls of the class rooms rather it adopts a practical oriented approach which includes various workshops, projects, seminars and case studies as a part of the curriculum of the students.

The budding professionals at JPIM will be continuously exposed to interactions and sessions with academic and industry’s intellectuals who have made their mark in the vast field of management. The towering figures of Industries who have through their strategies reached the apex of achievement will be invited to address our students. There will be ample exposure to teaching methologies of the foreign universities methodology in the learning process. Also you can know about section 181 for driving license.

The campus of JPIM is a Temple of learning where life’s ethical values, cultural cooperation respect for principles enshrined in our constitution will be stressed and inculcated. We visualize JPIM to be a cosmopolitan where students from all states, religions, castes and creed persue Managerial Education and rise to make India the strongest country of the world in all fields. The days are not far when the alumni of JPIM will act as catalyst in this process.

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